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About the company

Chun K. Kim, D.D.S., has limited his practice to Diagnosis and Treatment of TMJ Disorders; Head, Neck, Facial Pain; Snoring and Sleep Apnea. He has a special interest in treating various chronic pains, dysfunctions of the body, sleep-related breathing disorders from dental perspective: He provides the treatment such as: TMJ disorders, chronic headache, migraine, chronic neck pain, trigeminal neuralgia (TN), facial pain, jaw pain, locked jaw, limited mouth opening, grinding and clenching teeth, clicking/popping jaw, uncomfortable bite, narrow/crowded arches, unidentified tooth ache, swallowing difficulty, unresolved pain or dysfunction from motor vehicle accident, fibromyalgia (FM), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), unstable walking/ balancing, curved posture, ringing in the ear, ear pain, dizziness/vertigo, and any unresolved chronic pain and dysfunctions that persist after conventional medical treatment.