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About the company

Nah (aunt) "Tuey" as she is fondly called by family and friends alike says:

"My formal training under the guidance of a 'Master Thai Chef' was at a Thai University where I earned a Bachelor Degree which was presented to me by His Royal Highness, King Bhumibol of Thailand. My expertise has been greatly enhanced by many carefully guarded secret recipes that have been handed down to me from generation to generation by my ancestors."

Authentic Classic Thai Cuisine's many lavish offerings are really works of the "Fine Art". They have been lovingly created over thousands of years of refinement. Each one requires just "the right touch" to achieve the rich, exotic, tantalizingly delicious flavours that so delight the palates of the most discerning connoisseurs of fine dining. Fruits and vegetables, meats and seafood in Fine Thai Cuisine must be the freshest, spices passionate and flavours bold. Selecting and blending ingredients and spices, must be precise to excite the taste buds and bring out all the wonderful mouth-watering flavours.

At Spice Thai, we offer a wonderful array of sauces and blends of spices served with meats, poultry and seafood all to titillate and satiate your appetite with and exciting, mouth watering and fulfilling feast of flavors.

At Spice Thai, we are guided by three great principles:

-Nutrition: It is of utmost importance to serve highly nutritious dishes that also excite with aroma sight and taste. Authentic Classic Thai Cuisine accomplishes these aims by having the freshest ingredients and knowing just how, where, and when to cut prepare and blend all the necessary elements for a dish in exactly right proportions.

-Presentation: A 'Feast for the Eyes' is just as important as nutrition. Every effort is made to introduce great expectations of wonderful taste.

-Service: Our staff will be please to assist you in selecting dishes to ensure that you enjoy a most pleasurable dining experience.

Thank you for choosing to dine at Spice Thai!

Sincerely yours,

Nah "Tuey"