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About the company

What Makes Palos Verdes Domestic Agency Different (and Better!)

A Note from the Owner, Christine Powell

Palos Verdes Domestic Agency has a long-term proven record of providing excellent service. I opened Palos Verdes Domestic Agency in 1974 specifically with the unique needs of the South Bay in mind. Three decades ago, it was impossible to find quality local domestic help. I know - I needed help myself as a mother of four young children. My own needs motivated me to found Palos Verdes Domestic Agency.

Fortunately today, with hundreds of local applicants we have expanded our services to accomodate most of Southern California, offering candidates of the utmost quality. The rub is now, how do you sort through all the available possible applicants? That's where I come in. My staff and I have the experience to know what to ask and how. We know how to verify references. Through the years, I have developed a unique and acute intuition for matching Clients and candidates. As the Owner, I personally know nearly all of the candidates. We don't rely on a database to find you a match like some other agencies.

I most enjoy working one-on-one with each Client to help fill their individual needs, be it housekeeping, nanny, elder care, or other domestic help. Our agency has built its success and reputation on the ability to truly listen and understand the needs of our Clients. I welcome the challenge of providing you and your family with our exceptional domestic services.

Once you speak with us, I feel certain that we will gain your confidence and choose our service. We offer free consultations and there is no obligation to pay our fee until you feel satisfied about the candidate you have chosen to hire. It costs you nothing to start the interview process. I am so confident in the quality of my placements, I provide a six -month guarantee. In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with your Palos Verdes Domestic Agency employee, we will provide unlimited replacements during the first six-month period.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!