Revive Permanent Makeup and Skincare

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About the company

If you have skin sensitivities, or simply want to always look your best, Permanent Cosmetics (a.k.a. Cosmetic Tattooing) is an excellent option for you.
Permanent Makeup is our passion.
Let’s face it… facial features fade with time. I can add hair strokes to thinning eyebrows, apply pigment to your lash line that won't wash off, and define your lips with natural lip color to add fullness.
A large part of my business consists of Color Correction where I neutralize and correct a previously applied cosmetic tattoo that is an unwanted shape or color. My advice to you is this...Do your research! There are many "unskilled technicians" applying permanent cosmetics without proper training.

Procedures Offered: Lash Line Enhancement Upper & Lower Eyeliner Full & Partial Eyebrows Lip Liner with Shading Scar Camouflage Color Correction Areola Pigmentation and Non-laser Tattoo Removal!