LuLu's Creperie Cafe - French Restaurant

24781 Alicia Pkwy Suite E
Laguna Hills, California 92653

(949) 855 - 2222

About the company

Lino Garriz grew up in a household where great French and Continental food was always plentiful. As a young man, he encountered his first taste of true Brittany crêpes while on a business trip. His enchantment with them took him to the Brittany region of France to study with the top-rated crêpe makers in the area. Armed with his newfound skills, he returned home to Seattle in 1969 and opened his first Brittany crêpe restaurant on the west coast. It was not long until the reviews were in --- Seattle Magazine wrote "The only one of the recent crop and one of the very few in town, to provide complete tastefulness and charm." That restaurant is still operating today and is as popular as ever.

One of Lino's customers persuaded him to take his wonderful crêpes to a quaint little California town called Carmel-by-the-Sea. While living in Carmel, Lino built several crêperies and French restaurants in the surrounding area. They soon became popular with famous guests, locals and tourists alike.

After his family was grown, Lino sold his restaurants, retired and moved to Southern California. However, his love for crêpes remained, and he often took the opportunity to make his wonderful creations for his many friends and family.

Finally, after much persuasion from his wife and friends, Lino decided to bring his love of French cuisine and Brittany crêpes to Orange County. After a long search, he found Lulu's Café and decided that this would be a wonderful venue to bring his specialties to this area. The spirit of Lulu's Crêperie Café is extraordinary, with Lulu's friendly "Bon Jour" atmosphere creating a "home away from home" for its many guests.