Long Beach School of Music School - Music Lessons

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Long Beach, California 90808

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About the company

We have drawn upon many years of instructional and performance expertise to create a unique musicianship program that incorporates a combined approach to learning.

Taught by experienced professional musicians, the emphasis is on learning solid music fundamentals,while simultaneously focusing on the music that keeps a student motivated and interested.

This is achieved by directly incorporating the songs and styles they enjoy and relate to, with theory and technique.

Not only does the student have fun and get to learn the songs they like, but they are also building a strong musical foundation at the same time.

Lessons are on a once a week basis, on the same day, same time, and with the same instructor.

Usually they are 1/2 hour long, although some prefer hour lessons.

They are one-on-one, so the instruction is based on the students progress.

We don't do group classes, but we can accomodate two family members simutaneously (father & son, two siblings, mother & daughter, etc.) with one instructor and offer a one-student price for two students.

As well, there are workshops (some free) and jam sessions open to all students currently enrolled.

We still don't charge a registration fee but require new students to come in and register before starting lessons.

We supply the majority of guitar and bass instructional material at a very low cost to the student, so you don't have to worry about finding and buying books and materials.