Little Fish Theatre

777 Centre Street
San Pedro, California 90731

(310) 512 - 6030

About the company

About Little Fish Theatre Company

When the Producing Artistic Director of Shakespeare by the Sea was asked "What would you do if you had a venue?" she answered, "Produce more theatre . . . by authors other than Shakespeare." With that in mind, Jerico Development helped Shakespeare by the Sea turn a vacant storefront venue in downtown San Pedro into a theatre. Having an intimate indoor venue meant Shakespeare by the Sea could offer a line-up of contemporary, classic and original plays throughout the year. Thus, the Little Fish Theatre was born.

Little Fish Theatre (LFT) opened its doors in January of 2002 and offered a year-long line-up which included A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking, Castles in the Air, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare ... Abridged, Dark Doin's at the Crossroads, Lonestar and Laundry & Bourbon, The Illusion, and The Lady's Not for Burning. LFTC successfully turned what used to be an office supply store into a working, operating theatre. Yes, it had a low ceiling, and yes, it had carpet, and a multitude of other challenges that had to be overcome or dealt with. But people came.

LFT was approached in November of 02 about moving to another venue around the corner - the old city tow yard. The building had higher ceilings, a cement floor that we could paint and a multitude of its own challenges - but we grabbed the opportunity. Again, with the support of Jerico Development, LFT has found another, more permanent home on 8th and Centre St. With a lot of work and with the help of the Beacon Boys, we've turned what used to be a greasy cinderblock building into a theatrical arena. It's creative, it's quirky - but it's FUN!

And don't forget - we're still doing Shakespeare by the Sea!