Lindora Comprehensive Weight Control Center

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Palm Desert, California 92260

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About the company

For Over 35 Years, Lindora has been helping people become–and stay–Lean for Life!

Today, Lindora is America's leading medical weight control system and enjoys a reputation as the gold standard in weight management. Every weekday, thousands of men, women and children visit the Lindora Medical Clinics in Southern California, and many others are becoming Lean for Life through our innovative, interactive Lindora Online programs and Lindora Weight Loss System™.

The groundbreaking programs and research at Lindora are regularly presented at obesity conferences. Lindora clinicians and "success stories" have been featured on The CBS Evening News, Good Morning America, Extra!, and in such publications as People and the Los Angeles Times. Ten years after its publication, the best-selling Lean for Life® program book continues to rank in the top one percent of books sold worldwide.