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We specialize in getting your business to the FIRST page of Google. Over 400 businesses are on the 1st page of Google because of their GoneLocal web page.

The phone book has become an obsolete way in looking for products and services in your area community. Enter the Internet - It's in color, it's faster, and can be updated immediately.

WHAT IS GONELOCAL.COM? is the most powerful on-line, indexed directory in the southern California area. "Indexed" meaning presorted information that search engines look for. As a result of our extremely powerful and attractive code, %88 of clients appear on the first page of Google.

WHY SHOULD MY BUSINESS BE ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE? The phonebook has become an obsolete way to search for products and services in your local community. Enter the Internet - It's in color - Its faster - And your business information can be updated immediately. Since 75% of Internet searches are for local things, 78% of all searches go through Google, and 86% of people don't go past page two, It is essential for your business to be seen on the first page of Google. Please note, that it is our client's business name that is seen on the first page of a Google search result. This is a tremendous way of branding your business name to the local public. This powerful difference becomes obvious when navigating to busy, non-indexed directories such as yellow pages, super pages, city search, etc..Where your competitors are also listed.

HOW DOES IT WORK? builds an indexed web page for your business. You are then given a password to your account so that you can add photos, create sales events, make coupons, add meta-tags, etc.. all of this information gets picked up by Google.

HOW ARE YOU DIFFERENT FROM OTHER COMPANIES CLAIMING TO TAKE MY BUSINESS TO THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE? We are one of the few indexed online directories that offers both SEO for Google searches, while also providing a local portal where clients can promote their business with coupon/specials, sales events, new product info, and much more. Our nominal monthly fee is a refreshing change from the expensive pay per click. has taken over 400 local businesses to the first page of Google in the highly coveted "natural" or "organic" portion of the Google search.

THIS SOUNDS GREAT! I CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY! HOW DO I SIGN UP? There is a one time set up/activation fee of $450. After that you have three options, you can pay monthly through ARB (automatic recurring billing) at $107 a month, a 6 month period in advance at $103 a month ($618), or a 12 month period at $98 a month ($1176).

See your business name on the first page of Google! Contact today!

Great Impressions founded the indexed online directory

Why does Google like is an online indexed directory for your local area which Google uses for their local search results. Google likes our code, relevance, and transparency.

All clients have a username and password to their GoneLocal web page so they can create specials, sales, events, and add photos at anytime.