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About the company

The Fitness Solutions online personal training and weight loss program was inspired by the need of CEO's, students, and busy parents to find a way to effectively and efficiently take control of their health and fitness. In today's society you are bombarded with countless media broadcasts, newspaper and magazine articles about health and fitness that seem to be contradicting.

New "FAD" diets are released every 6 months, and the information you hear today is different tomorrow. So, no wonder you are confused about what to eat and how to workout. Fitness Solutions is your answer.

Created and run by Ryan Kollock, a Fitness Expert residing in Laguna Beach, California, Fitness Solutions clears the air and gives you the facts. Fitness Solutions online personal training and weight loss enables you to take control of life by giving you exercises and workouts that can be done anywhere. You don't have to belong to a gym to get fit. Fitness happens everywhere. And it is a lot more fun when you can enjoy your surroundings and train outdoors or in the convenience of your own home. How about not having to worry about someone else dripping their swear all over the equipment, or even worse, on you? You see, it is truly all about you. Fitness Solutions is your online personal trainer and weight loss training resource.

With our online video library and workout programs, you have a personal trainer with you everywhere you go. What could be better than that? You also have access to all of our health and fitness articles so you can learn the truth about weight loss, diet, nutrition and exercise. No matter who you are, where you live, or where you come from, this is the one stop shop for all your fitness goals and "no time to workout" excuses. Don't forget to look in our Health and Fitness Resources section to get your custom vitamins, supplements, and workout equipment. We are your Fitness Solution!