Fingerprints Cds & Lps - Record Store

4612 E. 2nd Street
Long Beach, California 90804

(562) 433 - 4996

About the company

Fingerprints opened in July 1992 in a space about half of that which we occupy now. Our original vision was to serve the primarily underserved community of music lovers in the greater Los Angeles area. Corporate radio? What a crock, we could barely listen to it, surely there were legions of others who were having a tough time connecting with great music. Hopefully we've done a halfway decent job of matching music and music lovers over the past 13 years. We've been lucky enough to have some of our favorite musicians stop in to play for us and our regulars, there's a bit of a list coming soon in our gallery section. Our intent with this site is put a bit of what the store is like in a different arena. Hopefully you'll learn about a new favorite band, find some useful info and some stupid stuff to waste some work time, and maybe even stumble across something to make you laugh. Ultimately, we hope you enjoy the time you spend with us.