Dent Express Auto Body Dent Repair South Bay

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Torrance, California 90501

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About the company

We are a professional, high quality paintless dent repair service that removes dings, dents and other minor body damage from your car, truck, or SUV without the time or expense of a body shop.

We work from behind the surface with specially crafted tools to restore your vehicle's original condition. Using the latest, specially formulated techniques and tools, the dent is gently massaged back to it's original shape. Paintless dent removal is fast, effective and inexpensive. And the color always matches because it is the original body paint.

Based in the South Bay area, we offer fast, extremely convenient free mobile service done by an experienced pro with over 10 years of expertise in paintless dent repair and over 30 years experience in the auto body restoration and repair field.

Our customers include vehicle owners, car clubs, body shops, dealerships, car washes, detail shops and automobile repair shops.

Read more about about the process and how paintless dent removal is increasing in popularity because it is so effective.