Daphnes's California Greek Restaurant with original Greek Food Dishes and Greek Catering

25420 Crenshaw Blvd.
Torrance, California 90505

(310) 257 - 1861


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About the company

Daphne's California Greek

You may be noticing some changes here at Daphne's lately. These aren't subtle changes because subtlety just isn't our thing. We're changing everything. Our name, our logo, our menu, our drink cups, our take out bags, you name it and we're looking at ways to make it better, healthier, fresher, more eco-friendly and more fun. We're taking Mediterranean and Greek-inspired cuisine and giving it a good swift kick in the Falafels with a whole lot of California style.

What is California Greek?

* California Greek™, a term coined by Daphne's, represents a new genre of food: Fresh California cuisine influenced by Greek and Mediterranean flavors and dishes.

* The genre includes staples such as gyros, pita sandwiches, Greek salads, Fire Feta® and kabobs, and will continue to evolve to offer guests an abundance of flavorful, healthy options including a variety of fresh salads, flatbreads and grilled seafood.