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Redondo Beach, California 90277

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About the company

What we are all about.
* Fair Trade Organic Beans
* House Roasted
* Hand Poured Coffee
* Eco-Friendly

First and foremost we use only fair trade organic beans. Beans that are labeled as fair trade organic are distributed through social organizations that practice farming methods for sustainability. These organizations advocate higher enviromental as well as social standards. These standards include crop rotation and shade growing methods that involve less deforestation, and thus less loss of habitat and erosion which in turn leads to less displacement of wildlife. In organic coffee no chemical fertilizers or pesticides may be used. The use of these growing agents that are used to increase yield puts workers in harms way. They can also leak into groundwater and surface water supplies.

Traditional coffee production pays low wages for long hours. Fair trade organizations replace this with fair wages and improvements to those local communities.
We order only raw green beans and roast ourselves. We roast in small quantites to maximize freshness. At Green Roast Coffee we believe that there is no point in offering high quality organic beans if they are not brewed fresh to our customers.
We hand pour all of our drip coffee as opposed to using a machine brewer. The difference between a machine image2 brewed cup and a hand poured cup of coffee is that instead of flooding the coffee grounds with water and letting the coffee seep and drip as a machine brewer does, hand pouring hot water in smaller amounts brings out more body and flavor from the low and high, floral and fruity notes that tend to get lost in a machine brewer. It is an all around better cup of coffee. We encourage you drip coffee drinkers to put us to the test.

As well as organic coffee, we also have organic tea, organic and/or kosher and vegan syrups for Italian sodas, steamers and as a tea sweetener. All of our pastries are made with organic products and without preservatives from our own personal pastry chef. We also offer vegan goodies from time to time. Last but definitely not least, we use eco-friendly products. Our paper products are made from recycled material and are compostable. Our plastics are made from corn and also compostible. Our to-go bags, cleaning sponges and even trash bags are all eco-friendly. We care for our environment and are proud supporters of the Surfrider Foundation, Heal the Bay and the Kokua Hawaii Foundation.