Brussels Bistro - Belgian Food

222 Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach, California 92651

(949) 376 - 7955

About the company

Why bring a Belgian brasserie restaurant style in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California ?

Because nothing quite like this restaurant exists, at least not with such panache. At Brussels Bistro you'll get an authentic feel for Belgium, and Brussels in particular, with your eyes as well as your mouth.

A few excellent Belgian chefs, owners of several renowned restaurants in Belgium, became passionate with the desire to show off their culinary specialties and the enormous diversity of Belgian beers in the glorious setting of Laguna Beach in California.

At Brussels Bistro, you actually feel like you are in Brussels. You are surrounded by the culture and the "bon vivant" atmosphere. You experience traditional Belgian dishes, savour authentic cuisine, and, of course, enjoy a vast array of Belgian beers. The menu at Brussels Bistro was created with a passionate Belgian savoir faire and promises to tickle your taste buds: savory pommes frites (world-famous Belgian fries) and their sauces, delicious Belgian cheeses, Flemish asparagus, tasty cheese croquettes with gray shrimps from the North Sea, traditional waterzooi from Ghent, tender salmon with cherry beer, and out-of-this-world mussels are a few items on its sublime menu.

We serve a wide variety of Belgian beers !