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78164 Avenue 52
La Quinta, California 92253

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About the company

Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with the sport of golf will know the name of Arnold Palmer. Palmer stands out in this field, not just because of his legendary skill and devotion to the sport, but because there is something else about him that spectators sense immediately -- his low-key charisma and warmth is genuine.

The celebrity status hasn't gone to his head throughout his entire 50-year career, and if you pause to look at the long list of his accomplishments, his contributions to the sport, his personal life challenges, and his contributions to charity, you'll immediately begin to see that this is a man with a full and nearly perfect vision of life, a paragon for others to follow.

According to Arnold, his father had a lot to do with instilling a solid set of values into him at an early age. "What he taught me was manners — to be polite and to treat other people like I would like to be treated. And he drove that home."

And certainly Deacon Palmer was a tough taskmaster at teaching his son to play golf (being a golf instructor himself), which his son loved him for. But through it all, little Arnie was learning a set of life lessons at an early age – about what's important in life, and how to enjoy it.

That's what Arnold Palmer's Restaurant is all about. We're endeavoring to give you a taste of the good life, some of the simple pleasures in life that Arnold embraces. A measure of the excellence in our presentation of cuisine in the approved Arnold Palmer fashion. More important, we want you to feel terrific about coming here for dinner and leaving a little more enriched for the visit.

Check out our menu for some homestyle favorites prepared with flair: Spit Roasted Chicken, tender Filet Mignon and Prime Rib, Pot Pie, Meatloaf, and a Latrobe Banana Split so big it should have been listed as a main course.

Our staff knows the meaning of courtesy and hospitality in the Arnold Palmer way. Once you enter our restaurant, you're on a par with the King -- we'll make you feel right at home with us.

After all, in the end result it's not just a restaurant about Arnold Palmer, it's all about an invitation to enjoy some of life's finer pleasures -- an invitation to YOU.