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About the company

Alternative Health and Well Being's Mission
Acupuncture was one of the first preventative modalities; so not only does acupuncture assist in getting rid of pain, it also helps your immune system, circulation and to remove inflammation which is the basis of many dis-eases.
Chantaal K. Lebay is a licensed acupuncturist that is dedicated to assisting you to be happier, healthier and stress free. Stress and worry also cause imbalances in the body, so Chantaal will assist your body in learning to deal better with stress. Undiagnosed food allergies is another cause of dis-ease in the body, whether you are dealing with asthma, hay fever, pain even high blood pressure, the body is reacting to some kind of allergen, which is causing the body to produce inflammation, so by working with your allergies; you will experience better and better health.

Give us a call and we can give you a free 20 minute consultation and you can find out if we can assist you in reaching your wellness goals.
Background: Traditional Chinese Medicine has evolved in the course of more than 5,000 years in clinical practice. This unique system of theory makes a great contribution to humanity's health and prosperity.