A Gallery - Fine Art Gallery

73-956 El Paseo
Palm Desert, California 92260

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About the company

Sophistication, impeccable taste, knowledge and understanding best describe A Gallery Fine Art, whose vast collection of contemporary paintings, sculpture, functional art, jewelry and glass art has served collectors for over a decade.

With an educated eye, the gallery has placed established and emerging artists in memorable exhibitions that continue to add to the gallery’s reputation as one of the finest in the area.

Aware that glass art is a phenomenon that crosses all borders worldwide, A Gallery is placing the spotlight on their growing collection. Liquid beauty, shimmering color and unique shapes mark the sculptures of their glass artists. The lyrical beauty of glass continues to intrigue its audience with its liquidity and transparency, its refractive and reflective powers and its appeal as a functional as well as a sculptural object. In recognition, A Gallery provides a special display space to enhance these innate qualities by creating innovative lighting for specially constructed showcases that are the stage upon which these stunning pieces repose.

A Gallery presents the work of over thirty glass artists, many with national reputations. Their artists regard the transformation of glass from a solid rod to a molten mass to a transparent object as a challenge resulting in showy, spectacular pieces of beauty. As Gallery Director Lisa Dempton says, “The glass worker fights and plays with fire and the substance, but the art that emerges from this fight is light, fragile, transparent, tranquil and gives a feeling of peace. It gives joy to the beholder.”