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About the company

Maximize your garage storage space with these handy overhead shelving A & Q storage system was designed and developed to be the strongest, cleanest, and most versatile overhead storage system for your garage.

A & Q storage system’s strong, yet streamline design allows it to be installed in any part of your garage. The A & Q storage system is made up of 4’x4’ and 4' x 8' modular units that are designed to be connected together to expand into larger storage areas. The modular design also makes it simple to configure the system so that it can adapt to your situation.

The A & Q storage system is constructed of all metal with a thorough rust resistant white powder coat finish. It is made of sturdy 12 and 14 gauge metal with reinforced heavy gauge wire decking to prevent bowing or sagging. All parts are securely fastened together. No snap together parts.

A & Q's storage system’s unique patent pending design allows each 4’x4’ unit’s vertical supports to be located at any increment so that they may be attached directly to your ceiling studs. This eliminates the need for any additional and unsightly cross bracing. Each 4’x4' unit is independently supported, so that when multiple units are installed and connected, the weight load of stored items is better distributed over more structural framing members. Each unit can be set eighteen to thirty inches from the ceiling, and will easily hold 250 pounds.