Stuft Pizza for the Best Gourmet Pizza in the Coachella Valley

78-015 Main Street
La Quinta, California 92253

(760) 777 - 9989

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About the company

Stuft Pizza has become part of a distinguished lineage of pizza makers, whose traditions date back many hundreds of years. The origin of pizza is attributed to the Naples region of Southern Italy, where it was originally created as a breakfast food, enjoyed as an exalted “peasant feast.” It was soon discovered by the nobility of Europe, who enjoyed tremendously this unusual new pie. Stuft Pizza applauds this idea of discovery and joyful eating, and creates restaurants with the hopes of bringing people together to dine, laugh, and enjoy great pizza.

Starting from scratch each day with a live yeast starter, our dough is hand-thrown to achieve a texture unlike the standard pizza crusts you see today, which are prepared from a packaged mix. The daily ritual of starting from scratch requires more time, but the effort is evident in the finished product, which has a well-formed crust and a rich, full-bodied taste. To bake our crust, we use ovens similar to those found in the world’s finest bakeries: rotating, Ferris-wheel type ovens which guarantee an even bake throughout the body of the pizza. Our sauce, like our dough, is an undisclosed recipe: a strong blend of zesty herbs and spices. The finest, low-fat cheeses, handpicked vegetables and highest quality meats complete the “pie” that is Stuft Pizza.