The play Everybody

Event Date
May 13, 2022
Start Time
8:00 PM
End Date
May 21, 2022
End Time
8:00 PM

The play is a modern retelling of the 15th century morality play, “Everyman.” It is an immersive, metaphysical experiment about the journey to death. The play opens in the Theatre with an Usher who preps the audience before the show. The Usher then turns into God, who calls on Death to “seek out Everybody (who is meant to be a reflection of ourselves) to bring to God to give a presentation of how and why they have lived the way they have lived.” After Death informs Everybody that they are going to die and face divine judgment, Everybody is afraid to die alone, and asks if they can take one person with them on their journey toward death. Death agrees to allow someone to accompany them, but who will be willing to go?This play asks questions that are still mysteries at the core of human existence: What happens when we die? How do we prepare ourselves? What matters most while we are here?

El Camino College Center for the Arts
16007 Crenshaw Blvd.
Torrance, California 90505

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